MS&E302 - Fundamental Concepts in Management Science and Engineering

Each course session will be devoted to a specific MS&E PhD research area. Advanced students will make presentations designed for first-year doctoral students regardless of area. The presentations will be devoted to: illuminating how people in the area being explored that day think about and approach problems, and illustrating what can and cannot be done when addressing problems by deploying the knowledge, perspectives, and skills acquired by those who specialize in the area in question. Area faculty will attend and participate. During the last two weeks of the quarter groups of first year students will make presentations on how they would approach a problem drawing on two or more of the perspectives to which they have been exposed earlier in the class. Attendance is mandatory and performance will be assessed on the basis of the quality of the students¿ presentations and class participation. Restricted to first year MS&E PhD students.
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RSN - Satisfactory/No Credit
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