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This course explores creative and technical approaches to the design of digital musical instruments (DMIs) and other systems for interactive performance, composition and/or installations in audio, audiovisual, and other intermedia practice. Various paradigms of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and techniques such as motion tracking, biosignal analysis, Music Information Retrieval (MIR), concatenation, and machine learning will be considered through analysis of examples of historical and current intermedia practice, framed by key concepts such as affordances and embodiment. It will focus on individual creative output and process, with a final project consisting of the realization of a creative work applying these principles. Please note that attendance of both sessions listed here is not required: the weekly sessions will consist of a lecture and discussion in the first half, and lab time with optional attendance in the second. We plan to concentrate principally on digital - including online - interactive/intermedial/immersive projects. This course is in the P3D program and, therefore, each student has the possibility of receiving a personal 3D printer for their home use. Further equipment loans from CCRMA for student projects involving physical media may be possible. Feedback on projects will be provided by Denning Visiting Artist Pamela Z, in addition to tutorials/consultations with the course co-instructors and teaching assistant.

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