CS187 - Design for Advocacy

The COVID pandemic has both revealed many of our underlying civilization problems and unleashed a desire for radical change. Effective responses will require people who know how to collaborate creatively and confidently, and act in systems with self-awareness. In this project based course, we will embrace complexity without being paralyzed by it. Working on a real-world challenge related to social health and civic fabric (e.g. political polarization, loneliness and social isolation) you will practice identifying high-leverage entry points for change, rigorously framing problems, and making process and product development decisions by evaluating impact. The course draws from HCD, systems thinking, strategic foresight, emotional intelligence, and agile team operations to prepare you to be even more successful as a designer, researcher, product manager, entrepreneur, or activist. If you tend to be more theory oriented, this course will get you into action. If you¿re quick to action, this course will give you a wider foundation for making a positive impact. Prerequisite: Strongly recommend CS147, ME216A or a d.school class on needfinding.
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