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Special Types of Undergraduate Credit


For undergraduate students, a maximum of 8 units earned in activity courses can count towards the required 180 units (or 225 for dual degrees) for a bachelor's degree. Up to 36 units, including activity courses, taken with a "CR" or "S" grade may fulfill degree requirements, with transfer students allowed a maximum of 27 units. Concurrent enrollment between Stanford and another institution is capped at 20 quarter units, and satisfactory academic progress is based solely on Stanford coursework.

Policy Statement

Activity Courses

For undergraduates, a maximum of 8 units of credit earned in activity courses, regardless of the offering department or if accepted as transfer units, count towards the 180 units (225 if dual degrees are being pursued) required for the bachelor's degree. All activity courses are offered on a satisfactory/no credit basis.

Courses Taken on Satisfactory/No Credit or Credit/No Credit Basis

A maximum of 36 units of credit (including activity courses) taken at Stanford or its overseas campuses for a "CR" or "S" grade may be applied towards the 180 units (225 if dual degrees are being pursued) required for the bachelor's degree. The maximum for transfer students is 27 units.

Departments may also limit the number of satisfactory or credit courses accepted towards the requirements for a major. Satisfactory/Credit courses applied towards a minor may be similarly limited. Courses not letter-graded are not accepted in fulfillment of the General Education Requirements, except for Ways if a course is not offered for a letter grade option and is only offered for a Satisfactory/No Credit grade. Writing in the Major courses are usually offered letter grade only. In those instances where the course is offered for a letter grade or CR/NC, the course must be taken for a letter grade to fulfill Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing requirement and Writing in the Major requirement.

Internship Credit

Undergraduate internships should not by themselves carry any credit. However, an individual student may arrange with a faculty member for a research or other academic project to be based on the internship. Arrangements between students and faculty regarding credit are expected to be made well in advance of the internship. Credit should be arranged within departmental rules for directed reading or independent study and should meet the usual department standards. No transfer credit is awarded for internships.

Concurrent Enrollment

Undergraduates may enroll concurrently at Stanford and at another college or university. The following policies apply to concurrent enrollment:

  1. Students may not exceed 20 quarter units between both schools. This is the same unit maximum for undergraduates at Stanford. (One semester credit or hour generally equals 1.5 quarter units.)

  2. Satisfactory academic progress is determined only by Stanford courses and units. Transfer work completed at other institutions is not considered in this calculation.

  3. Students are expected to submit a Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation eForm (available in the eForms portal in the Student tab in Axess) for pre-approval of transfer credit prior to enrolling in the transfer institution.

Contact Information

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