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Undergraduate Nonmatriculated Study

Policy Statement

Nonmatriculated Study

Permission to enroll at Stanford as a nonmatriculated student during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters is not routinely approved except under extenuating circumstances. Nonmatriculated students authorized to enroll at Stanford University are not admitted to any Stanford degree program and are permitted to register for a specific period, usually one, two, or three quarters. Financial assistance from Stanford University is not available. Permission to enroll as a nonmatriculated student does not imply subsequent admission as a matriculated student.

Nonmatriculated status is a privilege and not a right. The University reserves the right, at its discretion, to withhold registration from, or require withdrawal for the program by, any student or applicant. In addition, nonmatriculated status may be revoked at the University's discretion (and after consideration of such factors as the University considers relevant in the particular case) at the end of any quarter of enrollment.

Students interested in nonmatriculated status during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters should contact the Office of the University Registrar, not the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Note: newly admitted Stanford students (that is, those admitted to a Stanford degree program) are not eligible to enroll for nonmatriculated study for any quarter, except with the permission of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (or his or her designee) under extenuating circumstances.

Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns

During the summer term, students from other universities who have not yet obtained a bachelor’s degree (or its foreign equivalent) may be invited by Stanford faculty to conduct research on the Stanford campus. Participants must be a degree-seeking student for at least two years at the bachelor’s level in a U.S. college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association or international college or university of recognized standing. Participation is contingent upon the approval of Non-Degree Admissions.

These students are registered as Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns. Appointments are limited to the Summer term. Invited persons must be qualified to conduct research at a level comparable to that of other Stanford undergraduates, and the research must be of benefit to Stanford as well as to the visitor. Forms for the appointment of Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns are submitted to Non-Degree Admissions by the department issuing the invitation. Procedures, host department responsibilities, and deadlines are outlined on the Inside Student Services website.

Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns are charged a quarterly fee. They may waive the University’s student medical insurance plan only if they have comparable coverage with another carrier and submit proof of the comparable coverage prior to the term start date. Visiting Research Interns are not entitled to any financial support from Stanford University. Funds intended for the support of matriculated Stanford students may not be used to support Visiting Research Interns. Stanford cannot certify visiting researchers for deferment of U.S. educational loans.

High School Nonmatriculated Students

Local high school students are eligible to be considered to attend Stanford as nonmatriculated students on a limited basis when they have exhausted all of the courses in a given discipline offered by their high school. Nonmatriculated high school students are permitted to enroll in one course per quarter and are required to pay the applicable tuition. Permission from the academic department and the University Registrar is required. The Language Center does not allow high school students to enroll in language courses during the academic year. High school students who are accepted to participate in High School Summer College may enroll in language courses as part of Summer Session, space permitting.

Summer Session

Students wishing to enroll as a nonmatriculated student during Summer Quarter should contact the Summer Session Office for more information about the Summer Visitor Program. Admission to the Summer Visitor Program does not imply regular admission to Stanford for subsequent quarters or to one of Stanford's regular degree programs.

Contact Information

Nonmatriculated Study (Undergraduate) and High School Nonmatriculated Students, please contact the Non-Degree Admissions Office at

Summer Session, please contact