Graduate School of Business Grading System

Policy Statement

All courses offered by the Graduate School of Business are graded according to the following five-level scheme:

Definition and Explanation of Grades




Honors. Work that is of truly superior quality.


High Pass. A passing performance, and one that falls approximately in the upper quarter of passing grades.


Pass. A passing performance that falls in the center of the distribution of all passing grades.


Low Pass. A passing performance that falls approximately in the lower quarter of passing grades.


Unsatisfactory. A failing performance. Work that does not satisfy the basic requirements of the course and is deficient in significant ways.



GSB courses may receive grades of "+" (Pass) for courses taken on a Pass-Fail basis, with "U" denoting a failing grade, "I" for Incomplete, and "N" for a continuing grade. The grade of N is recorded in a course that spans more than a single quarter, where the grade in an earlier quarter will be determined only later, after the entire course sequence is complete..

Prior to 2009-10, an asterisk (*) notation was placed when no grade was reported.

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