Special Registration Statuses for Undergraduate Students


Special registration statuses allow a student to take fewer units than what is typically required. Students on an approved special registration status are usually assessed a reduced tuition rate.

Policy Statement

Undergraduate students are required to enroll in at least 12 units during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Special registration statuses allow a student to take fewer units than what is typically required in their final quarter. Students on an approved special registration status are typically assessed a reduced tuition rate.

All special registration status requests must be submitted by the Preliminary Study List deadline of the applicable degree conferral quarter. Students must first apply to graduate through Axess if requesting any of the following statuses. All special registration statuses may only be used once. 

Permit to Attend for Services Only (PSO)

Undergraduates in their terminal quarter who are completing honors theses, clearing incomplete grades, or have completed all requirements and are requiring a registration status to utilize university resources (e.g. university housing and libraries), may petition for PSO status. PSO does not permit any course enrollment.

Part-Time Enrollment for Undergraduates (Terminal Quarter Only)

Undergraduates who have completed at least twelve full-time quarters may petition to register for part-time enrollment at a reduced tuition rate for their final quarter. Undergraduate dual degree students must complete at least fifteen full-time quarters before petitioning for reduced tuition in their final quarter. An undergraduate student on a part-time enrollment status should register for at least eight units and will be charged tuition accordingly.

Last Units out of Residence

Students may petition to complete their final 15 units out of residence to complete their degree requirements. The final 15 units of transfer credit must meet the criteria outlined in the Undergraduate Transfer Credit policy. Students must submit the Last Units Out of Residence Petition to determine eligibility, request pre-approval of the transfer work, and request a registration status. 

Graduation Quarter

Undergraduates may petition for Graduation Quarter in their final quarter only if:

  1. filing a Last Units Out of Residence Petition in order to complete up to 15 final units at another institution; or

  2. returning from a discontinued status and filing a Request to Return and Register in Undergraduate Study in order to confer their degree; or

  3. if all degree requirements, including honors theses, have been completed and student requires a registration status to graduate, but will not be using University resources or housing.

Coterminal students are only eligible for the Graduation Quarter special registration status if they are applying to confer both the undergraduate and graduate degree in the same quarter.

Implementation Information

Information for students on requesting a special registration status can be found at https://studentservices.stanford.edu/my-academics/time-away-stanford-leave-withdraw-return/special-registration-statuses.

Exception Process

Exceptions to the university's policy on Special Registration Statuses may be requested through the Student & Academic Services Student Exceptions Committee. Full details can be found at https://studentservices.stanford.edu/my-academics/access-resources-help/request-exception-academic-policy.

Contact Information

Degree Progress, Office of the University Registrar