Compliance with University Policies

Policy Statement

Registration as a student constitutes a commitment by the student to abide by and accept University policies, rules, requirements, and regulations, even when such policies, rules, requirements, and regulations appear to conflict with ASSU policies or procedures. The policies, rules, requirements, and regulations that students must abide by include (but are not limited to) those concerning registration, academic performance, student conduct, Title IX, health and safety, housing, use of the libraries and computing resources, intellectual property (including completing and signing the SU-18), operation of vehicles on campus, University facilities, and the payment of fees and assessments. Some of these are set forth in this policy while others are available in relevant University offices.

Students should take responsibility for informing themselves of applicable University policies, rules, requirements, and regulations. A collection is available on the Stanford University policy website. Many are also set forth in the Research Policy Handbook and the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Handbook (the GAP handbook).

The University reserves the right to withhold registration privileges or to cancel the registration of any student: who is not in compliance with its policies, rules, requirements, or regulations; or for reasons pertaining to academic performance, health and wellness, qualification to be a student, behavioral conduct, or the safety of the University community. In extraordinary circumstances, the President may temporarily or permanently discontinue students who present a threat to the health and safety of the University community.

Contact Information

Academic Records, Enrollment and Grading, Office of the University Registrar