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Noise and Amplified Sound

Policy Statement

Stanford is not only an academic institution but a residential community as well. It is the responsibility of all faculty, students, and staff to moderate noise especially during an event or activity held on campus. Supporting the mission of the University and respecting those who are studying, researching, or otherwise carrying out academic-related activities is a Stanford priority. The campus must require a conducive atmosphere to ensure these endeavors are accomplished and supported. Disturbing noise in or around a residence or other campus buildings which infringe on the rights of other residents or members of the University community is considered a violation of this policy. As part of the event planning process, the event sponsor must obtain all appropriate approvals regarding the use of amplified sound during an event or activity.

In addition to University policy on noise and amplified sound, the County of Santa Clara also has a county ordinance on sound and all members of the Stanford community and visitors to campus are subject to and must comply with this order.  For more information, see the Santa Clara Ordinance Code, Control of Noise and Vibration web site.

Implementation Information

Information regarding whether and how the use of amplified sound is permitted is available from the following sources, which must be consulted for prior approval:

  1. The Office of Student Activities: phone: 723-2733, or see

  2. Registrar's Scheduling Office: email, or see

  3. Office of Special Events and Protocol (OSEP) at (650) 724-1387, or see