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Office: 450 Serra Mall, Building 360-362B
Mail Code: 94305-2084
Phone: (650) 723-3782
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Undergraduate Program in African and African American Studies

The Program in African and African American Studies (AAAS), established in 1969, was the first ethnic studies program developed at Stanford University and the first African and African American Studies program at a private institution in the United States. AAAS promotes an understanding of how history informs the present and inspires an engagement with the past in order to collectively dream a more just and equitable future. The AAAS program provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the study of peoples of African descent as a central component of American culture, offering a course of study that promotes research across disciplinary and departmental boundaries, as well as providing research training and community service-learning opportunities for undergraduates. The program emphasizes rigorous and creative scholarship and research, and fosters close academic advising with a faculty advisor, the AAAS Associate Director, and the Director. The program's faculty, staff, and students value the interrelated nature of the personal and the political and aim to create a community that allows for intellectual and personal flourishing. 


Director:  Allyson Hobbs (History)

Associate Director: Katie Dieter

Advisory Committee:  Arnetha Ball (Education), Adam Banks (Education), Ralph Richard Banks (Law), Jonathan Calm (Art & Art History), Matthew Clair (Sociology), Rosalind Conerly (Director, Black Community Services Center),Jan Barker-Alexander (Assistant Vice Provost of Student Affairs & Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership & Offices of First Generation/Low Income Programs), Jennifer Brody (Drama), Bryan Anthony Brown (Education),  James Campbell (History), Clayborne Carson (History),  Michele Elam (English), James Ferguson (Anthropology), Allyson Hobbs, (History), A-lan Holt (Director, Institute of Diversity in the Arts), Vaughn Rasberry (English), John R. Rickford (Linguistics),  Aileen Robinson (Theater and Performance Studies), Joel Samoff (African Studies)

Affiliated Faculty: R. Lanier Anderson (Philosophy), Arnetha Ball (Education), Adam Banks (Education), Ralph Richard Banks (Law), Jennifer Brody (Drama), Bryan Anthony Brown (Education), Joel Cabrita (History), Albert Camarillo (History), James Campbell (History), Clayborne Carson (History), Gordon Chang (History), Wanda Corn (Art and Art History, emerita), David Degusta (Anthropology), Sandra Drake (Emerita), Jennifer Eberhardt (Psychology), Paulla Ebron (Anthropology),  Michele Elam (English), James Ferguson (Anthropology), Aleta Hayes (Drama), Allyson Hobbs (History), Hakeem Jefferson (Political Science), Terry Karl (Political Science), Anthony Kramer (Drama), Teresa LaFromboise (Education), Brian Lowery (Graduate School of Business), Lisa Malkki (Anthropology), Hazel Markus (Psychology), Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz (Art and Art History), Paula Moya (English), Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi (French and Comparative Literature), Susan Olzak (Sociology), David Palumbo-Liu (Comparative Literature), Arnold Rampersad (English), Vaughn Rasberry (English), John R. Rickford (Linguistics), Richard Roberts (History), Aileen Robinson (Theater & Perfomance Studies), Sonia Rocha (Sociology), Michael Rosenfeld (Sociology), José David Saldívar (English), Ramón Saldívar (English), Rose Salseda (Art History), Joel Samoff (African Studies), Gary Segura (Political Science), Paul Sniderman (Political Science), Forrest Stuart (Sociology), Ewart Thomas (Psychology), Jeane Tsai (Psychology), Jeremy Weinstein (Political Science), Bryan Wolf (American Art and Culture), Yvonne Yarbo-Bejarno (Spanish and Portuguese), Grant Parker (Classics), Alvan Ikoku (Comparative Literature and Medicine), Lauren Davenport (Political Science) Jonathan Calm (Art & Art History), Ato Quayson (English)