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Office: Building 360, Room 361F
Mail Code: 2152
Phone: (650) 724-2088
Web Site:

The Undergraduate Program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity is home to five areas of study:

  • Asian American Studies (courses listed as ASNAMST on ExploreCourses)

  • Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies (courses listed as CHILATST on ExploreCourses)

  • Comparative Studies (courses listed as CSRE on ExploreCourses)

  • Jewish Studies (courses listed as JEWISHST on ExploreCourses)

  • Native American Studies (courses listed as NATIVEAM on ExploreCourses)

Students can pursue a major or minor in any of these five areas, and are encouraged to build their interdisciplinary study around a focus or issue area. Students can then select from more than 150 course options from across many departments and schools to put together a curriculum, in consultation with our staff and faculty. The major requires 60 units of study and a culminating research project (either a senior paper or honors thesis).

Bachelor of Arts

In order to earn a B.A. in any of the five CSRE programs, students must complete at least 60 units toward the major.


In order to earn a minor in any of the five CSRE programs, students must complete at least 30 units toward the minor.

Ph.D. Minor

The Ph.D. minor in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity provides graduate students pursuing Doctoral Degree’s broad interdisciplinary knowledge in the field and prepares them to teach courses in the subject. The goal of the program is to bring together graduate students and faculty from different departments, programs, and schools who analyze race and ethnicity in their research.

Special Programs

CSRE majors have several unique opportunities available to them. The program offers students an opportunity for support of full-time paid summer research internships for those who apply to the Community Based Research Fellowship and complete a self-designed research project in collaboration with a community agency. The Public Policy Institute is a two week, pre-Autumn Quarter seminar that provides exposure to critical public policy issues. The residence-based institute provides room and board and all seminar materials for participants. CSRE also sponsors quarterly luncheons and community programs for all majors and minors, and has a number of service learning courses that couple academic work with work in communities.


Asian American Studies

Director: Stephen Sano (Music)

Affiliated Faculty and Teaching Staff: Jeanne Tsai (Psychology), Gordon Chang (History), Hien Do (Asian American Studies), Marci Kwon (Art History), Kathryn Gin Lum (Religious Studies), Pamela Lee (Art and Art History), Jean Ma (Art and Art History), David Palumbo-Liu (Comparative Literature), Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu (Asian American Studies), Anthony Lising Antonio (Education), Linda Uyechi (Music), Barbara Voss (Anthropology), Christine Min Wotipka (Education), Sylvia Yanagisako (Anthropology)

Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies

Director: Jonathan Rosa (Education)

Affiliated Faculty and Teaching Staff: Albert Camarillo (History), Susana Gallardo (Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies), Angela Garcia (Anthropology), Kenji Hakuta (Education), Tomás Jiménez (Sociology), Ramón Martínez (Education), Melissa Michaelson (Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies),  Ana Minian (History), Cherríe Moraga (Drama), Paula Moya (English), Amado Padilla (Education), José David Saldívar (Comparative Literature), Ramón Saldívar (English), Gary Segura (Political Science), Guadalupe Valdés (Education), Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano (Iberian and Latin American Cultures)

Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity

Director: Vaughn Rasberry (English)

Core Affiliated Faculty: 

  • Anthropology: Duana Fullwiley, Angela Garcia, Barbara Voss, Sylvia Yanagisako

  • Art & Art History: Jonathan Calm, Marci Kwon

  • Comparative Literature: David Palumbo-Liu, José David Saldívar, Alexander Key

  • Drama: Jennifer Brody, Harry Elam

  • English: Michele Elam, Chang-rae Lee, Paula Moya, Vaughn Rasberry, Ramón Saldívar

  • History: Al Camarillo, James Campbell, Gordon Chang, Allyson Hobbs, Ana Minian

  • Iberian and Latin American Cultures: Lisa Surwillo, Hector Hoyos

  • Linguistics: John Rickford

  • Music: Stephen Sano, Charlie Kronengold

  • Political Science: Lauren Davenport

  • Psychology: Jennifer Eberhardt, Hazel Markus, Jeanne Tsai, Steven Roberts

  • Religious Studies: Kathryn Gin Lum, Charlotte Fonrobert

  • Sociology: Tomás Jiménez, Matthew Snipp, Aliya Saperstein, Jackelyn Hwang, Matthew Clair, Asad Asad

  • Theater & Performance Studies: Jennifer DeVere Brody, Samer Al-Saber

  • Taube Center for Jewish Studies: Vered Shemtov

  • Graduate School Education: Anthony Antonio, Prudence Carter, Teresa LaFromboise, Guadalupe Valdés, Christine Min Wotipka, Ari Kelman, Jonathan Rosa, Ramón Martínez

  • School of Law: Richard Banks, Richard Ford, Joan Petersilia

Affiliated Faculty and Teaching Staff: David Abernethy (Political Science, emeritus), Samer Al-Saber (Theater & Performance Studies), Asad Asad (Sociology), Arnetha Ball (Education), Lucius Barker (Political Science, emeritus), Donald Barr (Pediatrics), Bryan Brown (Education), Cheryl Brown (African and African American Studies), Martin Carnoy (Education), Clayborne Carson (History), Jeff Chang (Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity), Matthew Clair (Sociology), Karen Cook (Sociology), Michele Dauber (Law), Linda Darling-Hammond (Education), Carolyn Duffey (American Studies), Jennifer Eberhardt (Psychology), Ala Ebtekar (Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity), Paulla Ebron (Anthropology), Penny Eckert (Linguistics), James Ferguson (Anthropology), Shelley Fisher Fishkin (English), James Fishkin (Communication), Estelle Freedman (History), Susana Gallardo (Chicana/o Studies), Gabriel Garcia (Medicine), Kathryn Gin Lum (Religious Studies), Leah Gordon (Education), David Grusky (Sociology), Sean Hanretta (History), Gina Hernandez-Clarke (Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity), Miyako Inoue (Anthropology), Shanto Iyengar (Communication), Tomás Jiménez (Sociology), Gavin Jones (English), Terry Karl (Political Science), Pamela Karlan (Law), Matthew Kohrman (Anthropology), Jan Krawitz (Art and Art History), Jon Krosnick (Communication), Charlie Kronengold (Music), Teresa LaFromboise (Education), David Laitin (Political Science), Liisa Malkki (Anthropology), Hazel Markus (Psychology), Ramón Martínez (Education), Ruben Martinéz (Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity), Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz (Art and Art History), Douglas McAdam (Sociology), Jisha Menon (Theater and Performance Studies), Ana Minian (History), Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi (French and Italian), Thomas S. Mullaney (History), Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu (Asian American Studies), Hilton Obenzinger (American Studies), Susan Olzak (Sociology), Amado Padilla (Education), Arnold Rampersad (English), Vaughn Rasberry (English), Robert Reich (Political Science), Cecilia Ridgeway (Sociology), Richard Roberts (History), Aron Rodrigue (History), Jonathan Rosa (Education), Michael Rosenfeld (Sociology), Joel Samoff (History), Debra Satz (Philosophy), Vered Shemtov (Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages), C. Matthew Snipp (Sociology), Paul Sniderman (Political Science), Jayashiri Srikantiah (Law), Ewart Thomas (Psychology), Jeanne L. Tsai (Psychology), Linda Uyechi (Music), Gregory Walton (Psychology), Richard White (History), Jeremy Weinstein (Political Science), Michael Wilcox (Anthropology), Bryan Wolf (Art and Art History), Sylvia Yanagisako (Anthropology), Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano (Iberian and Latin American Cultures), Steven Zipperstein (History)

Teaching Fellows: Kyle Beckham, Maxwell Suechting

Senior Seminar Coordinator: Takuya Sawaoka

Jewish Studies

Director: Charlotte Fonrobert (Religious Studies)

Affiliated Faculty and Teaching Staff: Zachary Baker (Stanford University Libraries), Joel Beinin (History), Jonathan Berger (Music), Arnold Eisen (Religious Studies, emeritus), Amir Eshel (German Studies), John Felstiner (English, emeritus), Shelley Fisher Fishkin (English), Charlotte Fonrobert (Religious Studies), Avner Greif (Economics), Katherine Jolluck (History), Ari Kelman (Education), Jon Levitow (Language Center), Mark Mancall (History, emeritus), Norman Naimark (History), Reviel Netz (Classics), Jack Rakove (History), Aron Rodrigue (History), Noah Rosenberg (Biology), Gabriella Safran (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Vered Karti Shemtov (Language Center, Comparative Literature), Lee Shulman (Education, emeritus), Peter Stansky (History, emeritus), Marie-Pierre Ulloa (French), Amir Weiner (History), Sam Wineburg (Education), Steven Zipperstein (History)

Writer in Residence: Maya Arad

Native American Studies

Director: Teresa LaFromboise (Education)

Affiliated Faculty and Teaching Staff: JoEllen Anderson (Native American Studies), Jared Aldern (Native American Studies), Karen Biestman (Native American Studies), Kenneth Fields (English), Teresa LaFromboise (Education), Samantha Peralto (Language Center), Delphine Red Shirt Shaw (Native American Studies), C. Matthew Snipp (Sociology), Michael Wilcox (Anthropology)