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Office: Stanford Law School (Crown Quadrangle), 3rd Floor
Mail Code: 94305-3099
Phone: (650) 736-2629
Web Site:

The Program in Ethics in Society consists of an interdisciplinary honors program and a minor that are open to undergraduates in all majors.

Mission of the Program in Ethics in Society

The Program in Ethics in Society, which operates under the umbrella of the Bowen H. McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, is designed to foster scholarship, teaching, and moral reflection on fundamental issues in personal and public life. The program is grounded in moral and political philosophy, but it extends its concerns across a broad range of traditional disciplinary domains. The program is guided by the idea that ethical thought has application to current social questions and conflicts, and it seeks to encourage moral reflection and practice in areas such as business, technology, international relations, law, medicine, politics, science, and public service.

Ethics in Society Courses

Courses offered by the Program in Ethics in Society are listed under the subject code ETHICSOC on the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site. There are many course offerings at Stanford that address moral and political questions, only some of which are crosslisted by the Program in Ethics in Society. 


Faculty Director: Alison McQueen

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Emilee Chapman (Political Science) 

  • Pam Karlan (Law) 

  • Joshua Landy (Comparative Literature)

  • Margaret Levi (Political Science) 

  • David Magnus (Biomedical Ethics, Pediatrics) 

  • Alison McQueen (Political Science) 

  • Michelle Mello (Law) 

  • Benoît Monin (Psychology, Graduate School of Business)

  • Josiah Ober (Classics, Political Science) 

  • Rob Reich (Political Science, Philosophy)

  • Debra Satz (Philosophy)

  • Mehran Sahami (Computer Science)  

  • Wendy Salkin (Philosophy) 

  • Brent Sockness (Religious Studies)

  • Fred Turner (Communications)