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Office: Student Services, Building 260, Rooms 128
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The undergraduate minor in Humanities provides Stanford students with a broad foundation in the humanities, emphasizing literature, philosophy, and history. The program combines this general knowledge with a focus on the particular cultures of a global region and allows students to reflect on and discuss many of the critical questions that arise everywhere that human beings live together.


Faculty Director: Alexander Key (Associate Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature, Director of Stanford Humanities Core)

Faculty: Vincent Barletta (Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Iberian and Latin American Cultures), Anna Bigelow (Associate Professor of Religious Studies), Ronald Egan (Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures), Charlotte Fonrobert (Associate Professor of Religious Studies), Blair Hoxby (Professor of English), Burcu Karahan (Lecturer in Turkish Language and Literature), Christopher B. Krebs (Associate Professor of Classics), Haiyan Lee (Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature), Reviel Netz (Professor of Classics), Grant Parker (Associate Professor of Classics), Vered Karti Shemtov (Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Language and Literature), Eva Chernov Lokey (Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Comparative Literature ), Ariel Stilerman (Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures)