Minor in Earth Systems

There are 2 subplans available for students interested in pursuing a minor in Earth Systems:
1) Sustainability
2) Environmental Justice

Students declaring a minor in Earth Systems must do so no later than two quarters prior to their intended quarter of degree conferral; for example, a student must declare a minor before the end of Autumn Quarter to graduate the following Spring Quarter. The chosen subplan must also be declared in Axess when declaring the minor.

1) Earth Systems, Sustainability

The minor in Earth Systems, Sustainability subplan, provides students with foundational knowledge, skills, and frameworks needed to understand social-environmental systems and address intergenerational sustainability challenges. Students declaring the minor in Earth Systems must also declare the Sustainability subplan. 

2) Earth Systems, Environmental Justice

The minor in Earth Systems, Environmental Justice subplan integrates diverse academic offerings on environmental justice-related topics. Through pursuing the environmental justice minor, students will

  • Apply a holistic understanding of environmental justice frameworks, histories, and theories to the problematization of socio-environmental challenges across multiple disciplines. 

  • Develop the capacity to support and integrate environmental justice frameworks within institutions, organizations, and places of employment as part of one’s career.

  • Translate and communicate environmental justice knowledge from communities, stakeholders, academia, and others to diverse audiences including decision makers. 

To Declare: Students must meet with one of our student advisors and complete the minor program proposal form. You can find the program proposal form here: https://earth.stanford.edu/esys/resources/program-forms-guides .  If you have questions, please contact anahids@stanford.edu.