The mission of the undergraduate program in Geophysics is to expose students to a broad spectrum of geophysics, including resource exploration, environmental geophysics, seismology, and tectonics. Students in the major obtain a solid foundation in the essentials of mathematics, physics, and geology, and build upon that foundation with advanced course work in geophysics to develop the in-depth knowledge they need to pursue advanced graduate study and professional careers in government or the private sector.

A primary focus of the Geophysics major, both as a primary and secondary major, is the senior research project. Students work closely with a faculty mentor to complete an original research paper that can result in published literature. For students pursuing Geophysics as a secondary major, the department encourages a multidisciplinary approach involving the application of broad knowledge to achieve a better understanding of the Earth and its future. Declared majors must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.

The courses below are required for the B.S. degree in Geophysics.  A written report on original research (GEOPHYS 197) or an honors thesis (GEOPHYS 198) is also required through participation in GEOPHYS 196 Undergraduate Research in Geophysics and GEOPHYS 199 Senior Seminar: Issues in Earth Sciences in Autumn Quarter of the senior year.