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GLBLST-MIN - Global Studies (Minor)

Stanford Global Studies Undergraduate Matriculated

Program Overview

The minor in Global Studies is designed to give students an in-depth interdisciplinary study in one of six specializations within a larger global perspective.

Global Studies is centered on the interdisciplinary study of regions and their intersecting cultures, languages, history, politics, and societies. Historically, Global (or Area) Studies have sought ways to understand the distinctiveness of cultures and nations by applying the combined knowledge from the social sciences and humanities to their study. This approach was further developed during World War II and the Cold War to understand American allies and enemies.

Today, Global Studies examine regions and cultures within the larger context of globalization. It applies more branches of knowledge, from human biology and earth sciences to music and management engineering, to better understand the character of regions, their respective developmental trajectories, and how those trajectories fit into a larger global context.


Students from any major interested in applying for admission to the Global Studies minor program should consult the relevant center advisor or Executive Director of Stanford Global Studies,  Kate Kuhns. To declare the Global Studies minor with one of six specializations, students must:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate specialization advisor (see specialization page for contact information).  

  2. Declare the Global Studies minor and subplan in Axess.