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ENGRBS18 - Engineering (BS): Engineering Physics

Engineering Dean Undergraduate Matriculated BS - Bachelor of Science

Program Overview

The undergraduate program in Engineering Physics aims to provide students with a strong foundation in physics and mathematics, together with engineering and problem-solving skills. All majors take high-level math and physics courses as well as engineering courses. This background prepares them to tackle complex problems in multidisciplinary areas that are at the forefront of 21st-century technology, such as aerospace physics, biophysics, computational science, quantum science & engineering, materials science, nanotechnology, electromechanical systems, renewable energy, and any other engineering field that requires a solid background in physics. Because the program emphasizes science, mathematics, and engineering, students are well prepared to pursue graduate work in engineering, physics, or applied physics.

The Engineering Physics program is a subplan under the program program. Please take a look at this program for complete degree requirements.