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ARTP-MIN - Art Practice (Minor)

Art & Art History Undergraduate Matriculated

Program Overview

Suggested Preparation for the Minor

Any student considering an Art Practice minor is strongly encouraged to take the following three introductory courses, which also fulfill minor degree requirements,  during their frosh or sophomore years. The core studio series  course ‘Foundations 2D’ and course ‘Foundations 3D/4D’ expose students to a broad range of contemporary artists and hands-on art-making techniques, familiarize students with the various studio facilities in the Department of Art & Art History, introduce key theoretical concepts in contemporary practice, and provide experience with group critiques and exhibition practices which are critical components of the art practice field and major. The core  course ‘Art & Power’ course familiarizes students with contemporary thinking regarding the power dynamics in the production and circulation of art, along with its cultural and historical uses and impacts. By taking these three core courses early on, students will gain a broad overview of the field and its essential components and better situate and contextualize their elective coursework for the minor upon declaring.

How to Declare the Minor

To declare the minor, students must meet with the Student Services Specialist. During this meeting,  students will select a faculty advisor with guidance from the Student Service Specialist. Students then must confirm that the faculty member has agreed to advise them by filing a signed advisor form.

Minors must meet with their faculty advisor and the Student Services Specialist at the start of each year to approve coursework and ensure they are meeting degree requirements. 

Minors must attend an orientation session presented by the professional staff of the Art and Architecture Library, which introduces the tools of research and reference available on campus or through the Internet. This requirement should be completed no later than the quarter following the minor declaration.